I periodically check Kickstarter for any new game projects and today my movie friends sent me news on a what could be a huge project. Apparently there is a possibility for a new non-sucking Friday the 13th game and if you ever played the NES version you will understand what I mean; little tip it has nothing to do with the fact it is an NES game. A tantalizing combination of Evolve and Until Dawn you have a group of players being campers and one player gets to be Jason, I’m already sold. The developer list is AMAZING, including the franchise owner, the actor and a series of professionals with a lot of experience in games and the original Friday the 13th movies. The KickStarter is asking for a whopping 700,000 dollars, that is a lot of money but it has been done before. Shenmue 3 and Mighty No. 9 both made over 3 million. Hell in the last 10 minutes the projects has earned 30 grand with one guy donating 10 of it, that is dedication. Still though, over 600 grand in 30 days? I think I’ll wait until the goal is closer. Why on kickstarter though? Well the devs say it is because they want to keep the game true to itself with all the gore and nudity included. What that means exactly is unclear but it does peak my interest. I am kind of excited but it seems like Evolve it will be an online only game at this time, which I hope changes because that’s part of the reason why Evolve crapped out so early. Now if they added some kind of single player campaign or something for offline I could get on board with that. If you are a fan of horror movies or Jason this might be something for you.