Move over PSN Gold and Xbox Live because someone else is getting into the free game scene. News recently released, but not at E3 for some reason, Ubisoft will be giving away one free game a month on PC through the rest of the year. Starting off with a bang they are beginning in June with one of their most highly acclaimed games Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. So if you want to return to or just play a classic game this is for you. There is no clue yet on what other games will be released in the coming months but Ubisoft has a large library of great games to choose from. Let’s just hope they don’t start releasing duds by September after everyone is sucked in.


Why is Ubisoft being so generous? Apparently they feel a need to give back to the fans in order to celebrate their 30th anniversary (god has it been that long already?). It sounds like a sweet deal but something that sounds too good usually is and these free games come with a catch. Instead of using Steam or some other common method of playing PC games Ubisoft is requiring fans to use their system and create an account. For some people that try and avoid making accounts, since every studio has their own these days, that won’t work. For others who made accounts so Assassin’s Creed would stop bugging them during gameplay, hey, you’re covered.