The full title Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex- First Assault Online, holy crap that’s a mouth full, is going into closed Beta this October and you can try to be part of it. A free to play and a first person shooter based on one of the best anime ever is apparently in the works and may actually draw me back to PC gaming again. Something I thought I was done with when I stopped beta testing free to plays years ago. Apparently it will include eight of the characters with highly customizable gear and the ability to share abilities with nearby allies. So far the game appears to be an online only multiplayer shooter game, so Destiny with a solid story. The trailer looks great but at the same time I have to wonder… WHERE THE HELL ARE THE TACHIKOMA?! As of now it looks as though the entire game is just another Battlefield or Call of Duty wearing the mask of Ghost in the Shell but I’ll be damned if it’s not one hell of a good mask. It seems to be worth a try but I’m not getting my hopes up that it is actually a Ghost game… and I better see some damn Tachikoma soon.