Wait… Its not good news at all… Okay so gamers across all platforms have been screwed to some degree or another this week. Batman especially has kind of kicked a number of people in the ass. As I’m sure many people know and have learned first hand the PC version was screwed. So I guess that extra year or so didn’t do much good in the end. The PC version has already been pulled and all sales of it suspended for the time being with no idea when it will be back. I thought developers were going to stop putting out broken shit games when Ubisoft found out with Unity that no matter the hype you can’t put out unplayable games and not expect some backlash. I continue to question why I should preorder games when developers continue to just ram the broken mess up my ass.

Speaking of preorder I shelled out for that sweet 200 dollar bat-mobile edition and what did I find out the night before release? That they canceled that edition a week prior due to issues with supply and demand. If you preordered from certain places you were informed and automatically downgraded, which is fine. Hell if you preordered with Amazon you were downgraded and given 20 dollars, a good deal. I preordered with Gamestop. Not only did they never tell me and left my preorder active they refuse to give me the preorder DLC’s they offered even though I still purchased the regular edition just hours before release. While I’m ranting Gamestop online support is absolute crap. There is no way at 10 on a weekday I should be on hold nearly an hour and then they screw up and hang up on me by accident… twice. So I’m just dodging spoilers until I eventually get my own copy.

Looking at the brighter side of life I thought this would give me more time to play Elder Scrolls Online… but how wrong was I. It figures that same day Elder Scrolls had another update… ANOTHER 16GBS?! Okay, Elder scrolls has officially taken up more than a quarter of the memory on my PS4 by itself now and for what? To fix things they should have fixed in the year or more they also delayed it. This is really getting old now, I have great internet connection but I have officially spent almost as much time playing as downloading patches. It wouldn’t be so bad if it added to gameplay, like the Dark Brotherhood add on or the new maps they have already revealed but no. They are still fixing things they already knew were broken on the PC ages ago. The current state of game development and preordering has become such a joke that it is painful to a physical point. I would have stopped preordering from Gamestop ages ago (this is not the first problem I’ve had with them) but they offer the best free extras, even if they are in game, for games I know I will buy as soon as I can. So everyone was knocked down a couple pegs this week. In the end I crawled back to my old PS3 and Sega Saturn to lick my wounds and heal while avoiding spoilers.