So apparently Pikachu hasn’t been aging very well, he sounds like my grandpa has been smoking. With the 20 year anniversary of Pokémon coming up Nintendo is really trying new things… new as far as Pokémon goes. First it was Pokémon on mobile and then it was Pokémon Tournament. Today a trailer was released for the newest game, Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Duo. Not only can Pikachu speak now but he seems to have embodied the spirit of Sherlock Holmes. Being the face of Pokémon for almost two decades it is hard to see Pikachu as anything but cute and cuddly, now he has a voice like an old man and the most terrifying facial animations ever. Not much is known about the game and not just because the only trailer is in Japanese, there just isn’t any. From the trailer it is a safe bet that someone moves to the big city, Pikachu and a kid become friends and then they solve mysteries. The oddest thing is that the game is due to be released next week in Japan, a fast turn around considering this is the first trailer. No news on a world release date yet.