Sony announced a new IP, something that becomes an even more foreign concept to large developers as time goes on. To be fair we still haven’t reached the point Nintendo is at where new IP’s are like kryptonite to an already dying Superman. Horizon: Zero Dawn is an intriguing game because it is something that hasn’t been done 100 times before. It a third person shooter, probably adventure game where man has devolved into cave men and animals have evolved into dinobots, an evolutionary step I feel confident Charles Darwin did not see coming. There seems to be some plot point on how society was destroyed and moving past the hunter gatherer point again.

The game is designed by the makers of the Killzone series, which makes sense because it looks and plays a lot like Killzone. To me it looks like a cross between Assassins Creed with the stealth and the actual action plays like Tomb Raider… the new Tomb Raider… I assume. It appears the main weapon is a bow but there is a good chance it is the only weapon as well. To be fair it does have many different ammo types so it is much more than a bow. Or you can blast the weapons off your enemy and use that apparently, like cutting off someone’s arm and beating them with it.

The story looks like it could be very interesting with many questions to answer. How did animals evolve into sentient super robots? Why are they hunting robots for their green ooze? What do humans actually eat? Why do they live in caves when they have the remains of New York to hang out in? Kind of like New York today with less traffic really.