A new Kickstarter project from the developers at Third World Productions a Mexican based developer brings us The End Is Nahual: If I May Say So. A traditional style point and click adventure game that combines both 2D and 3D graphics with puzzles and actions scenes. Besides its magical appearance it is also deep in tradition and culture but it doesn’t fail to bring the laughs as well. The devs graciously agreed to answer some questions for the fans and I hope anyone reading will think about backing the game before the campaign ends on June 11th.

Link to Kickstarter here!



-Can you explain what the title The End is Nahual means? Aren’t nahual shapeshifters and can be man or beast?

It depends on who you ask because sometimes nahuatl has multiple meanings, we use the one that depicts nahuals as monsters, and about the title of the game is a play of words on the phrase the end is nigh with nahual at the end, for the actual pronunciation of “nahual” you can hear it on the Kickstarter Trailer.

-Why did you choose to combine 2D and 3D graphics in this game? Was it a style choice or due to limitations? Are there any complications from combining the two?

It depends on the level, some minigames and point and click parts are more dynamic than others, so you need a 3D background to provide visual feedback to the player, and we use 2D for the characters within because of preferences and we also have a great 2D animator on the team, other scenes a purely made in 2D pixel art, as I say depends on the level.

-What is the overall plot of the game? The trailer makes it clear that the player controls a character on both sides of some epic struggle (man v beast) but to what end? Will characters work together like in Broken Age or against each other?

I really hope that they don’t work together, at least not on purpose, Jacob wants revenge, because he thinks that the only way to inner peace and happiness is to make it possible, which he might be wrong, but he might as well try. Sammael’s story and trial, on the other hand, is one where the nahual wants to be stronger, not only because it will provide protection against Jacob, but it will also redeem itself for the sins of its ancestors.

Technically the end of the game is about people trying to accomplish things outside of their capabilities, some will get what they want, even if it’s not how the wanted, and some of them would fail nonetheless.

-What time period is the game set in? The trailers seems to show multiple time periods.

They are in a period, in their world of course, close to what would be the industrial revolution to us, but of course there are ancient temples, with traps and puzzles, like in ours, but ours probably don’t have puzzles.

-Is there a limit to how much work interns can be forced to do before they finally give up?

We don’t use interns in the development of the game, I don’t think we could afford one, but Jacob has to, and apparently if you overpromise people and you are a good liar, you could easily make people work more than they think are capable of, in Jacob’s perspective of course, not mine.

-What is Sammael supposed to be, some kind of hybrid? In minigames he moves like a ninja and can understand man and beast but can’t talk for himself. Most interesting is how he appears to be breaking out of a building in some of the visual samples.

Sammael is a hairy horned monster, for the Axtlans (Mesoamerican like cultures) it is called “nahual”, the invaders, on the other hand, call it simply “beast”, and as a “beast” Sammael tends to destroy things around itself.

The not talking thing is because Sammael bit someone in the past, even as she asked Sammael nicely to stop, so its mouth is forever closed, but it can survive thanks to magic.


-What are the odds that Lilitl will take me out of this world? Is she a witch or some type of god?

It’s a Mexican phrase that mothers say to its children, when you make them angry they say “I brought you to this world and I can take you out of it” and she is a mother, so she uses that phrase a lot.

-The game is rich in cultural and historical ideas, can you go more in depth into that and what motivated you to make such a culturally influenced game? Did any other games influence your game?

We have multiple inspirations and influences coming from a lot of games, not only in the point and click genre, grabbing a little bit of inspiration on every game that leave an impression on me, but for setting and character inspiration, I would say Dark souls and Earthbound (everybody is insane in their own special way), for puzzles, we took inspiration on the Professor Layton series, machinarium, grim fandango and daedalic games.

What motivated me for a culturally influence game it’s my own culture, I really take inspirations on the colonial era of Mexico and the Mesoamerican era, and mixed them together, I really like the combination of colonial houses with ancient temples and pyramids.

-You say this is a point-and-click adventure game but most examples so far have been action shots of fighting, running at or running away. So what kind of game is this ultimately?

Well you saw a lot of the point and click on the Teaser, but of course we only took the parts that match the most with the song I make, and of course, as we say on the kickstarter, minigames are further into production than the Point and click part, because it needed more individual testing and a lot of them had to be built from zero, which is not the case with the Point and click part, so we gave it preference, for now.

And talking about what type of game it’s, the game is, ultimately a Point and click game with tons minigames and violence.

-What is the average run time of the game? Will it be compatible with gamepads (controllers)?

The game is not over yet, but we estimate that the game can be completed at around 6 hours of play, of course this could vary from player to player, and there is no plan to adapt gamepads as of today, thing could change later on development.

-In your description you mention the game will challenge players personally and spiritually, can you explain more what you mean by that?

The game is supposedly to be taking lightly, is a comedy game, for the most part, and I thought that it would be funny and false, but it might not be entirely false. Once I saw a guy playing an early prototype of one of the minigames and he couldn’t, for the love of God, beat it, and he almost throw my headphones to the ground, but he was determined to beat this minigame, and he sat down and… fail again… but later he did win, the shining in his eyes was so intense that it gave me hope, not much mind you, but hope nonetheless.

Ha… Grumpiano.

-Why is the piano so upset?

Because maybe he doesn’t like being  piano, maybe he’s condemned to make bad piano puns (which I cannot believe I manage to found so many, and yet for some reason the puns work in both Spanish and English) but maybe he wasn’t always like that, maybe he just want to be free, or he could just be grumpy, a grumpiano.