Well now that June is upon us it’s time for all of us with PSN Gold accounts to get some more free games. Last month had some interesting choices Ether One comes to mind since I just recently finished it. I still found a couple of crash spots and a save corrupting bug after the patch but they can be avoided. Anyway out with the old and in with the new. Honestly I don’t know most of this month’s titles very well and some are new to PlayStation but not in general. Maybe I’m jumping the gun but there are not a lot of winners in this bunch and since June is already packed for me I may grab a couple and leave them until much later. Starting with the PS4 we have the only titles I know, Metal Gear Solid 5 and Skulls of the Shogun.

Metal Gear Solid 5 is an interesting choice because it shook up an old but still great concept. However, the games length was so short it made The Order: 1886 look like a decent sized game. I believe most missions take place in the same general area, which while large does not offer a lot in the way of gameplay. There is also the odd break up of Konami and Hideo Kojima that may threaten the entire future of the Metal Gear series. The exact circumstances are kind of a mystery but it started with Silent Hills is the obvious thing. Supposedly Konami wants to shift most its focus towards the free to play market while Kojima wants to focus on not making shit games. The other title is Skulls of the Shogun, a cartoon looking, table top and turn based version of Samurai Warriors. I do remember this on the 360 but it never really caught my attention back then either. It seemed to get favorable reviews if more than one critic called it confusing but it’s free so what the hell. No trophy list yet though so there’s no way to know if there is a platinum trophy or not.

On the PS3 we start with Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, another game I know in passing but never caught my eye. Basically a first person version of Red Dead with some token RPG upgrade elements, so Red Dead meets Red Steel 2. While looking into the game though I realized not only is it an FPS but it is also a rail shooter. I didn’t waste my money on rail shooters at the arcade when I was still only a couple feet tall and if the game wasn’t free I still wouldn’t now. I have to wonder how long it is as though, when looking up the trophies it didn’t have a platinum or any gold trophies which usually only happens with very small or simplistic games. Not a good sign. The other title is called Cloudberry Kingdom, between the name and the oddly proportioned main character I swear he will do a little twirl and yell ‘Mint Berry Crunch’ at any second. A bizarre platformer it looks like the usual indie ilk to make a quick buck. I would dismiss it all together right there but I did see something about how none of the stages are set. They game is designed to completely change the stage set up depending on various factors like skill and equipment. An interesting concept if it works correctly and might be worth looking into.

I usually skip the Vita stuff since I could never play them but I recently acquired a PS TV and have about a 50/50 chance of Vita games working on it. While I’m on the subject Sony, you can’t say hundreds of physical vita games work on the PSTV when most of those are from Japan. If I understood Japanese I would have a lot more Vita games already. Moving on we first have Futuridium EP Deluxe, a name that is as hard to say as it is to spell. It looks like a bizarre mix of Star Fox and Race the sun where you just shoot everything until there is nothing left, going back and forth across the same area. Unlike Race the Sun or Star Fox though you can make quick turns and move more freely. It is very bright and colorful though, the exact opposite of Race the Sun but still a lot of the same. Also, the trailer talks about all these great bosses while it is fighting a box. Really? That constitutes an epic boss fight? A large box that just opens up and asks for it gently? I did like the mix of electric and classical music though, really gave it an individual feel. Lastly is some god awful mess of a game called ‘Super Exploding Zoo’. I assume it is brand new all around because I couldn’t find it from any other source. I really don’t know what to say about it. I watched the trailer a few times but could never get pass my initial reaction of ‘What the f is this mess?’ Like the idiots version of Pikmin or Lemmings it appeared as if you just wandered around with an odd grouping of animals, either blowing shit up or using an animal’s token ability to remove obstacles to blowing shit up. There were some black monsters or aliens or something that wanted to tear up the zoo and a bunch of exploding animals and that seemed to be as in depth as the game got. Again though, I still haven’t moved pass the question of why someone strapped bombs to these animals or why a zoo needs so many crocodiles. Frankly this month seems like kind of a wash but I have feeling Sony wanted people to focus on the big games coming out this month, namely Elder Scrolls and Batman. That and with E3 around the corner not many people are going to care this month.