Maybe complaining does work sometimes because the free games with PSN Plus have actually been getting better lately. The AAA games may have slowed to a trickle but at least we’re not just getting the indie game of the day anymore. Like last month, it wasn’t perfect but Tropico 5 and TTR: World Tour were worth playing. Tomorrow the June lineup comes out and it seems we’ve been upgraded from mediocre to average.

On the PS4 there is NBA 2K16, last year’s basketball game which sums it up for the most part. Ironically I think I received 2K15 free as well because stores might as well give away sport games older than a year. I don’t play sport games but I understand 2K16 did fairly well if that’s your thing; in my case it looks like an angry gorilla smashing a controller. Also on the PS4 is Gone Home, an unusual artistic game that has no real goal or objective beyond emphasizing exploration. A 1st person game with no other characters it is entirely up to the player how much digging they do in order to discover what happened. Through visual and audio the game tells a very realistic story of family life and was acclaimed for its stance on gay relationships.

On the PS3 is Echochrome, originally a PSP game from Japan that was ported to the PS store later on. Purely a puzzle game, it requires players to traverse a 3D map as if it were a 2D environment. Confused? Think of it this way, your character is on a plus symbol +. In 2D there would be no way from one side to the other because of the middle section. However, viewed in 3D you can tell that the plus is actually two separate parts and now your character can get from one side to the other. A simple concept with complicated results. Also on the PS3 and my top pick of the month is Siren: Blood Curse Episodes 1-12 or the complete game. Very similar to Silent Hill and almost the exact same story of Kuon, Siren: Blood Curse is a horror game that requires stealth since enemies can’t be killed. Set in a Japanese town turned undead players can only hope to survive as they unravel the mystery.

On the Vita is Little Deviants, a game that did poorly because it focused on how to use all the Vita’s features (touchscreen, touchpad, etc) instead of making an actual game. Needless to say it won’t work on the PS TV either if that’s what you have. Much like the game Moshi Monsters, it was designed to be a series of simple games for kids. Lastly is God of War: Chains of Olympus, the first God of War game on the PSP. While a great game I can’t help but feel there might be an alternative motive with this move, seeing as they just gave away Ghost of Sparta last month. Read more on that here though. In the end it is a pretty good month with no indie or racing games in sight. It’s almost impressive how there is a little bit for everyone this time, and while not exactly AAA still worth playing. God knows I need to take a break from Overwatch