I knew Hideo Kojima would be at E3 but I didn’t expect him to partner up with Sony. Not only that but he provided a bizarre teaser for his new companies, Kojima Productions, first game Death Stranding. While exciting with a lot of potential and the return of The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, it had everyone watching asking “wtf was that”. A beach covered in dead sea life, a naked Reedus in glowing handcuffs and handprints, a supposedly dead baby that melts into ink and (just to mind fuck everyone else) a group of people floating in the sky. Does it make any sense at all? None that I can come up with at this point… but it does make a catchy trailer.


The real question though, is Death Stranding related to the space armor bound warrior from his studios logo? Or does the return of Norman Reedus signify that Kojima is trying to make a bigger and better Silent Hills (or PT); a widely acclaimed project that was canceled during his falling out with Konami. Frankly, with Kojima it could be either, both or anything in-between. Much like his primary series, Metal Gear, Kojima doesn’t own the rights to Silent Hill so he would have to change it enough to make it its own series. Always a master of the surreal and with plenty of room to work fans are expecting something big. One clue the trailer drops is in the name and location. Death Stranding, a man stranded alone on a beach surrounded by death? A missing dead baby? What does it mean?!


With the game a long way out still it will take some time before questions are answered but it’s my belief we may be looking at the next version of Silent Hills. On the lighter side of things, while Kojima didn’t stick around after the teaser he appeared online with Reedus later on. Posting a picture of himself drinking what is labeled as ‘Konami’s tears’, taking shots over their fresh beef it seems. No reply from Konami but it is clear that Kojima is confident in his new game and fans are already hyped up.