Was anyone else aware that you could stream the PS4 directly to computers now? I wasn’t, I stumbled upon it while looking up something else. Apparently in the last update Sony added the ability to stream gameplay directly from the system to PC and Mac. It’s surprisingly easy to do. With just one quick download, logging into your account and plugging a controller in you can play PS4 games on your computer. A lot like the gamepad and Wii U it provides another way to play games and watch TV at the same time. Unlike the Wii U however, where the player can switch screens back and forth while playing directly on the gamepad the PS4 is literally streaming a live feed. The player is still playing on the main TV and basically just watching the game feed on the PC… which is ironic when you think about it. Kind of like watching a live broadcast on Twitch or YouTube, hopefully with a lot less lag.

The question though is does it work? The answer, kind of. It depends a lot on how much money you have sunk into your computer and Wi-Fi connection. I pay for damn fast internet and I still had to turn off most of my other devices to reduce the strain. Even after that it varied a lot from game to game. Digimon: Cyber Sleuth for instance worked alright but faster games that require quick reaction times like Bloodborne were difficult. The quality also sucked, in layman’s terms, everything had to be downgraded to fit into the computer. Again, this mostly comes down to how much money you spent on your computer. Frankly, I bought a big ass plasma screen so I wouldn’t have to rely entirely on my PC. Of course these settings can be adjusted but then you’re either making the quality worse or could already afford a gaming PC. If it’s the latter I have to ask, why are you on my territory bro? Go back to your fancy, expensive gaming computer and leave us platform people alone.


Basically if you have a good set up already then it shouldn’t be too hard to get the PS4 stream to work. It is also possible to hook the PC up directly to improve the connection but I would need a very long cord which would undermine the entire premise. While an interesting gimmick that will most likely improve over time it seems ill advised. The main draw of the PS Vita is its ability to stream gameplay as well. If players can stream directly to the PC though that could easily hurt the Vita which has been in trouble for some time. Also, for anyone like me who hoped to record gameplay without certain limits (blocked cutscenes, multiplayer audio, etc.) or a 200 dollar cord I wouldn’t count on it. Not unless you can get really good at adjusting to lag time.