What seems like a long time ago I did a review for an indie game with possibly one of the most unique stories I have ever seen in a game called Never Alone. The story of a little Native Alaskan girl and her pet fox who overcame the winter. Well on July 28th that game is getting a DLC, no word on the price yet so if you got the base game when it was free you may get double lucky. Later this year the game will also be coming to PS3 and Vita as well so it gets even better. Now that the winter is over, if I may flaunt my classical education, the spring is here! So puzzles are bigger, more complicated and they involve a lot of water; so for all you Nintendo people… GIANT FISH AND WATER TEMPLE. On top of new levels and upgraded puzzles each character also has new moves as well, like super canoeing. I’m looking forward to it and depending on the length mat twitch the entire thing.