All good things come to an end. It was bound to happen eventually, although in an odd twist Pokémon Go hasn’t fallen but Nintendo has. It seems after a couple weeks of unprecedented financial growth Nintendo burst the bubble themselves and announced they don’t actually own the rights to Pokémon Go. Subsequently Nintendo’s stock immediately plummeted 18 points, the max allowed in a single day for any company. A bad sign for Nintendo in the coming days, like an ironic Cinderella story going from rags, to riches and back to rags in the span of two weeks. It is odd that Nintendo waited so long to reveal this, since the sudden growth wasn’t exactly a mystery, but you can’t blame Nintendo for riding the high as long as possible.

It was a little curious why Nintendo became so popular after Pokémon Go came out. Nintendo doesn’t own the rights to Pokémon, the Pokémon Company controls that and collaborates with Nintendo on games. The game itself was created and controlled by Niantic Inc., what was a small app company based out of California. So in hindsight Nintendo really had little or nothing to do with Pokémon Go, basically acting as a go between for the Pokémon Company and Niantic. The only app game that Nintendo has remains Miitomo, which quickly declined in popularity when players realized it had little to no actual content. Unfortunately, it seems Nintendo is right back where they were (if not worse), straddling the brink of oblivion hoping the Zelda/NX lifeline will be strong enough to pull them out.


Pokémon Go on the other hand is going strong, easily becoming the number one app and doesn’t seem to be peaking just yet. Despite issues ranging from the app being banned in museums, banned in places of worship, banned in concerts (really?), players crashing into cops, crashing ISIS press conferences, people trying to run over players, theft, stalkers, a wide variety of complaints from non-trainers and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Although the server issues seem to be more or less fixed. Niantic also made an appearance at comic-con to talk about the game. Besides making improvements, hopefully fixing the issue that the app always has to be on is one, Niantic also has plans to expand Pokémon Go.

Already taking effect in Japan where the game just dropped, Pokestops from sponsor locations like McDonald’s are already popping up. It isn’t clear just who will be part of this but the free app has to make money somehow, so why not sell out to the clown? New items will also come out for players in order to personalize or modify Pokestops, much like lures with different effects. Most notable is the possibility of adding in game Pokémon Centers. Currently the only way players can heal Pokémon is by using items so an alternative way to heal would be a huge game changer. Niantic also mentioned that they will slowly be adding more Pokémon. However, while they didn’t mention which or how many, Niantic did mention that not all Pokémon would make the cut. It also appears that Mew is not actually available in the current lineup, which only has 150 Pokémon ending with Mewtwo (1 of 5 Pokémon that has yet to be scene let alone caught).