In what could be the future of gaming No Man’s Sky is a very ambitious game. It appeared at E3 last year but a primarily dismissed it at the time. That is not the case anymore. You explore the universe trading and living as best you can while moving towards the center of the universe. I assume it is not like our universe unless we have to defeat a galaxy sized black hole at the end. Simple concept but here’s the kicker; the massive map can contain nearly 18 quintillion possible unique planets to explore. During the announcement he mentions that some planets may never be explored and he was not exaggerating.

The game is designed to randomly create worlds without set pieces as you explore. Then as you find new life or discoveries of any kind you can record them and upload them for other players to see. Planets can have all different kinds of life and have environments ranging from Water World to Mad Max. All objects are destructible as well and will remain that way as we play; it seems no matter how far you go. The trailer also showed some auto defense bots to fight off adventurers but whether they are on all planets or just happened to be on that one is unclear.

Player interaction seems to be a key feature as well with players sharing information on planets, trading goods and just interacting throughout the entire universe. How much players can interact in game is not clear yet, can we attack or help other players on whatever planet they are on or is it purely information based? The game can also be played offline though if you don’t want other people messing up your universe.


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