The highly anticipated Isometric RPG Tyranny got an extended look at its gameplay and story during the PC gamer presentation at E3 2016 today. From developer Obsidian Entertainment, which has always been one of my absolute favorite developers – in my mind the kings of RPGs, who also brought us what is arguably the best PC RPG in existence (shut up Diablo fans) Pillars of Eternity, comes a new adventure.

Taking place in a fictional land (duh) where, and here’s where this gets interesting, their has already been a proverbial “war of good vs. evil”, and evil won. The game takes place after a conquest of the realm by a harsh and dictatorial overlord revealed to be named Kyros, while the player takes on the role of an agent of this heavy-handed regime known as the Fatebinder.

In accordance with good RPG storytelling, the player wanders the land administering justice. However, the player always has a choice, and may deal with certain factions and quests as you see fit. Will you be harsh, evil, unforgiving, and rule through fear? Or will you be wise, kind, and merciful, and gain the respect and admiration of the common people?

If you love RPGs like I do, this is one of the most exciting trailer releases so far at E3. I’m also really intrigued to see how the plot in this game plays out. Will you have a chance to rebel against your evil master and return the land to peace? It certainly is a unique twist on the overplayed good vs. evil trope, and I for one can’t wait to find out.