Overwatch fans rejoice, yes there is a one year anniversary event and it starts today and runs through June 12th. Like previous events this one will add a upwards of one hundred new items including a number or legendary skins for multiple heroes, most notably Lucio, Genji and Tracer. Not only that, but for anyone who is as bored of the same 3v3 map as I am there is good news because the anniversary has also introduced three new 3v3 stages. Named Necropolis, Castillo and Black Forest all three are based off of already existing maps. This is available on PC, Xbox and PS4.


For those of you that still don’t have the game for some reason you can play the full game for free this weekend May 26-29. Not only that but supposedly if you buy the game afterword’s you can keep the progress as well. Blizzard is also releasing a game of the year version with ten loot boxes and unique skins and other unlocks for not just Overwatch but their other titles as well, including Diablo 3, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm. As of now this GotY edition will be $40 (the original will be reduced to $30 for the sale). For the skin collectors (ew) out there you can upgrade to the GotY edition for only $10 dollars more in order to get the exclusive items. This deal is for a limited time though. Fans may want to get their fill because rumors suggest this may be the last original event.