Another month closer to October and another free bunch of games for PSN Gold members, including a nice bonus not part of the monthly freebies. On PS4 we start with Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, the odd and frankly disappointing follow up to Saints Row 4. More of a large DLC than an actual game, it combines the quirky and crazy super powers from Saints Row 4 and adds a religious twist. While worth playing it still falls far short of previous Saints Row games and fans can only hope it’s not cannon. There is also no personalized characters as ‘the boss’ is the one kidnapped but there is still a male and female choice.

Also on PS4 is Furi, a relatively new arrival with very little information so far. More of an electric musical than a game, Furi does use an impressive level of electronic music that sounds sweet. A strict open arena boss fight game the player must fight their way through a series of 1 v 1 matches until all the bosses are dead. With just a sword and gun, this top down fighter emphasizes speed and reaction with dodging being a key to combat.


On the PS3 is Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, second in the series and an extremely similar game to Red Dead Redemption. Return to the old west and control multiple characters as you run from the law and find a secret gold stash. While generic as far as first person shooters go it was praised for its story and other features. Also on the PS3 is Fat Princess, the online multiplayer where teams must protect their princess and kidnap the enemies. Make the princess harder to carry by making her fat, hence the name. Players can choose between a variety of character types.


On the PS Vita there is Prince of Persia: Revelation, one of the handheld versions of the popular series. Not familiar with that one? That’s because it is actually a port version for Warrior Within. It does feature a bit more content than Warrior Within however. It seems curious this would be free though when Prince of Persia: Sands of Time was free last month from Ubisoft and there is no word yet on the next free game from them.

Lastly is Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines, a RPG remake of the original game from the PS. Beautifully designed the game uses classic Japanese art in a 3D setting. The game mainly involves raising a family across multiple generations to fight monsters. There are a number of classes to choose, deities to marry and can become fairly complicated. While released in English last year it was a download only title. Both Vita games this month should also work on the PS TV.


Now for the big secret, not part of the monthly free games but free to PSN Gold members, Paragon will also be free July 5th. Paragon is the free to play MOBA by Epic Studios, the creators of Gears of War, exclusive to the PS4 and PC. Another ‘trying to be but isn’t’ Overwatch, Paragon actually plays more like a cross between Overwatch and Battleborn. It does differ in fundamental ways however. A more realistic and gritty game it is also a 3rd person shooter while the latter two are 1st person, following true MOBA fashion. July 5th any Gold members will be able to download the starter pack, a 20 dollar value of bonus items. There are much more advanced bundles, because free to plays are rarely actually free, but they’ll cost ya. Not only that but it will also allow players to start an entire month ahead of the open beta launch on August 16th. While not near as addictive as Overwatch and hopefully not as good as Battleborn (since it is a free to play) it does look like a great game to try.