So everyone seems to be jumping on the VR fad train now. There Rift is coming in at $600 and the Vive is coming in at a whopping $800. Well now Sony has brought out its version at only $400 but is that really all? Of course it isn’t since it also requires the PS4 camera which is still around a 100 for some reason. It will also require the move controllers, another fad that never took off unless I missed something; so that’s another 50 or 60 a piece. I guess there is also the PS4 but that is kind of a given at this point. To be fair it is still probably cheaper to buy all that than a PC powerful enough to actually run a VR well enough to enjoy. What would be nice is if it worked on anything besides the PS4.


Is it really worth it though or is VR just another really expensive fad while developers try to figure out how to make another system without backwards compatibility? For those really interested the Sony VR is set to land in stores in October; just in time for the holidays no less. Not only that but Sony is promising around 50 VR compatible games between October and the end of the year. I laughed fairly hard at that part because they only way it will happen is if they are all short or crap. Many of the games look like sad rail shooters at best but apparently some big names like Assassin’s Creed and Until Dawn are getting in on the action.

Much like the Kinect made wild claims about what it could do I fear all this VR technology will basically end up the same way. Ironically, Microsoft is one of the few who hasn’t rushed to the podium to start ranting about their version yet (the bizarre and minimal looking HoloLens) and I can’t help but feel they may be trigger shy after the Kinect. Personally I have no interest in the Sony or any VR and not just because it makes me nauseous. Maybe after a few months when they cut the price in half and put out a new upgraded version. Until then though that is way too much money for a fad that has a good chance of blowing over when parents refuse to buy their children the new hot gadget item for the holidays.