PS4 gamers who have pre-ordered the latest installment of Hitman, scheduled to drop in March, have access to the game’s beta through Feb. 15th.

Currently accessible through PSN, the beta gives players an opening few cut-scenes and lets them traverse a few prologue training missions, which explore Agent 47’s origins and his recruitment into the secretive ICA, and the beginnings of his journey as a murderous professional.

In addition, these missions will introduce players to the new mechanics and teach players the stealth and violence of action necessary to succeed in this series.

The PC beta is going live Feb. 19th, but no timeline has been given for the Xbox One beta yet, according to reports.

I haven’t had a chance to dig into it yet, but I’m hoping to check it out tonight. Based on reviews of the beta so far, it seems to pretty repetitive but also a fun little primer as we await the full release.

God, that poor cook…