Alright the lineup for the PSN instant game collection is up and it totally makes up for the last few months. My only question is, why did it have to happen right before Fallout 4 and Battlefront?! I’ll be lucky if I remember to sleep at all in November. Seriously though they really brought the heat this time around on all fronts and I am a little impressed and possibly overwhelmed.

On the PS4 we have Magicka 2, a top down, 2D, action adventure multiplayer game. I kind of remember the first one which was alright. The problem with this sort of game though is that unless you have players who are really good it just becomes a mess of strafing spells. You will want to play this in a group as well because playing it alone is difficult because it is designed to be played with a group. So if you can gather up some competent people you may enjoy this. The other game is The Walking Dead: Season 2; while not as great story wise as the previous season it is still well worth playing. A story based game there is little action outside of specific sequences but the dark survival story and the daunting choices you have to make are worth it; much like Until Dawn except zombies instead of some mad mash up of curses, psychos, and so on. Your choices effect the world around you as you try to survive the zombie apocalypse and I hope you chose well because they can come back to bite you in the ass much later. If you played the previous season those choices will also follow you, it’s too bad I played season one on the PS3. This includes all 5 parts so you won’t have to by any to get the full story.

A couple of big winners on the PS3 this time around starting with Mass Effect 2; much like the Walking Dead it is an action adventure game where your choices decide the fate of an entire race. I shouldn’t need to talk a lot about this one. Highly acclaimed this game is still great because it occurs before the terrible ending that was Mass Effect 3. It also has a slightly more elaborate karma system, much like Fallout, where you are treated a certain way depending on the good or evil you do. Second is the HD remaster of Beyond Good and Evil. While I have yet to play this myself and look forward to doing so I know this game has a rather large cult following; an old school style action adventure game that just didn’t come out at the right time. Critically acclaimed by critics and fans alike it is still a mystery why the game did so poorly at release. Remastered for the current generation… or the previous one now I guess it should be a real treat to play.


On the Vita we have a couple of wild cards that may be worth trying. Dragon Fin Soup is another 2D, top down, adventure action game where you play as a badass Little Red Riding hood and conquer all the fairy tales. I knew I remembered this game when I saw the name; it was briefly on Kickstarter asking for some small sum and then it kind of just exploded. A rather ambitious game it works off a generating system that randomly creates worlds so that gameplay at least is always different. So it looks like a slightly weirder version of Disgea but functions like Minecraft. Supposedly it is also designed to keep speed with the player; what this means isn’t exactly clear but it seems to be worth a try. It is a cross-buy so you can get it on the PS4 as well which makes more sense to me. Lastly is Invizimals; an iOS game before that was a thing you catch monsters in the real world using a camera and then use those monsters to fight Pokémon style. How this game will work on the Vita, or my Vita TV for that matter, is kind of a mystery to me. For all I know the later games I know nothing about on the PSP were completely different; all I know for sure is it’s another Digimon/Pokémon wanna be.