July is over and we have another round of free games for PSN plus members. Last month had a lot of sweet games; especially the surprise hit Rocket League which has been a huge hit since it went free. These games won’t be available until the 3rd when the store updates though but it could be worse… like waiting until the end of the year for Fallout 4. On the PS4 there is Limbo, a well-known game of light and shadow that is probably the best thing on the list this month. There is also Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, a spin off game and sequel to the game based off the movie I think. I’m not interested in it either way, if I was going to get back into Tomb Raider I would not choose some spin off that may or may not have anything to do with the movie.

On the PS3 there is God of War: Ascension, a curious game to me but one I already purchased ages ago. To be fair though that doesn’t mean it is good. I stopped playing after the first few levels because the continually shifting stage gave me terrible headaches and I had better things to play. I still have it but I’m not really in a rush to give myself more headaches. The rest of the games seem like they are able to be played on PS4, PS3 and/or Vita which is always nice. First off is Sound Shapes, an interesting game that is at least worth trying but I already purchased it along with a Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 1 collection. I do recall while interesting it felt more like I was playing a demo for some reason. There was only like 3 songs I could play and I never unlocked any trophies, not that I was trying but there did seem to be a lot of them. Maybe this time it will be different on the PS4. Next is Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones, a game I heard did ok on the Wii U but is nothing special; a lot like Lemmings if the Lemmings were self-aware of how futile their existence was and used spy gear. Lastly is CastleStorm, a tower defense game and that is all I really know about it, which is a rare thing.

Besides the fact that I can play more of these on my PS4 I’m not really intrigued by anything this time around. Limbo will be fun to do but that’s about all I can say right now. There is only 1 platinum this time around which is a letdown but trophies aren’t everything. One interesting thing on the instant game collection front is how Sony will actually let players vote on what games they want to be free soon but there is no real start date yet. While Sony will still choose what games we get to vote on it will still feel good to have some input on the subject. Fewer five dollar indie titles and more 20 dollar indie titles! Or more easy platinum trophies because… you know… I’m kind of a trophy hoer.