So it is not all it was made out to be but it is still cool. All PSN Plus members will be able to vote on one of the free PS4 games for September from three choices between August 13th and the 24th. Anyone with Plus can simply vote for their choice at any time from their PS4. The curious thing is that they are actually treating it like an election which is kind of fun.  If it wasn’t for Trump and his bat shit craziness I would find this election far more interesting and I won’t even feel like it’s going on forever. The three choices we are given are Armello, a turn based/card game with knights and monsters because the perfect thing to complement turn based combat is a card game; interesting but only choice number 2. Grow Home where you are a robot that needs to grow plants all the way up to his space ship which has to stay in orbit for some reason. The use of physics looks interesting but that is about it. Lastly Zombie Vikings, some sort of zombie theme, 2D, side scrolling Odin Sphere rip off. To be frank I don’t know anything about any of these titles and I won’t lie, I don’t expect a lot from free games except a distraction between big titles and an easy platinum. There is little info on any of these though and as we learned from Ether One there is some risk to putting a title up for launch and free at the same time. It took some time before Ether One was actually playable… in the states anyways. I have a good idea of what I’m going to vote for if just because it looks like the most amusing. The winner will be free next month but the other two games will be discounted for Plus members, win win. You can see the trailers and more info at