I’m usually not too bothered by system exclusive games, primarily because very few games these days come out on some other platform and rarely stay exclusive. Since I chose the PS4 I clearly can’t play Xbox One games but that has not been an issue because the Xbox One doesn’t have anything exclusive I want. To be fair the PS4 has very few exclusive titles I actually care about either but I find myself rather attached, the PS1 did raise me after all. However, I find myself in the precarious position of really wanting to play Rare Replay, an Xbox One exclusive collection of Rare games. How Microsoft obtained the Rare game library is beyond me when a majority of their games, especially their best games, were on Nintendo systems. It is not enough to make me go out and buy a Xbox One but it is a little disappointing.

The collections will contain 30 different titles stretching all the way back to the Commodore and ending with the Xbox 360. To be fair over a third of these games are so small they take up about as much memory as this webpage but there are a lot of winners here including some of my favorite games on the early gaming systems. Chronologically we have Battletoads, a game that almost melted my Sega 16 bit and destroyed my sanity with its extreme difficulty. If you’ve played this before you know what I’m referring to. There is no person on this planet that can just naturally get past the Turbo Tunnel; I had to freaking memorize the entire thing. Then of course is Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie, games with equal adventure and wit that were always great to play. The collection also comes with the 360 driving sequel as well but I never bothered to even touch that.

Perfect Dark was probably my favorite shooter on the N64 and tied with GoldenEye 007 for best shooter on the N64. The wide selection of weapons was always fun to play around with and it had a better story than GoldenEye to me. Of course the sequel is also included but it can’t even compare to the first one. Probably the most bizarre and surprising game to be released on the N64, Conkers Bad Fur Day. You are a foul mouthed, alcoholic, sex crazed squirrel on an epic quest to save your hot girlfriend and get some of that good lovin. Everything about this game just goes against everything Nintendo thinks they stand for, which is why it was a bizarre move. Of course there is the infamous poo stage where you actually have to fight a giant piece of literal shit who throws parts of himself at the player while singing about it. (see below)

Last is Viva Piñata, not exactly a great game but it had color and charm that we rarely ever see in our current earth toned first person shooter market. I only played parts of it but remember it was rather amusing. In particular I always enjoyed the commercial where the Piñata convinces the kids to let him down in exchange for wishes. At which point he runs away saying “That is called acting children!” (see below)

A lot of winners in the group but a couple of key titles in the Rare library appear to be missing. Donkey Kong Country is the biggest loss to me because it was the first great Donkey Kong game. Of course GoldenEye 007 is also missing but since Perfect Dark is included I’m not too broken up, the multiplayer is primarily what I played anyways. I can only assume they were excluded for copyright reasons, since Nintendo has a choke hold on anything Donkey Kong and I’m not really sure who owns 007 anymore but it is probably the same situation. The last interesting bit is that the multiplayer modes on games that had multiplayer will still be playable. Since we’re spanning multiple generations of gaming here I’m not sure if that means they will all be playable online or if it is strictly offline multiplayer.