So yeah, I’ve been waiting for this news a while now. I knew when it was announced that the new Ratchet and Clank movie was going to be in the Cannes film festival but there was no world or game release date yet that it was going to be pushed back. You don’t have a game make a move like this and don’t see the fan train coming from a mile away. Personally, there are worst trains to get run over by though. Both the game and movie are set for an April 29th 2016 release date now. Unlike most video game movies that butcher the game this movie is actually based on the first game. However, it is a reimagining of the first game. So the game is a remake of the original game based on the new origin story in the movie which takes from the first game… Like a bizarre Mobius strip the developers are pulling a Marvel 52 and redoing the entire canon. If this leads to a new and improved series though I can live with that, if it turns out to be more the same I will not be a happy camper.

I’m going to date myself but back in my day I had to choose between Sly Fox, Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank. Why did I choose Ratchet and Clank? Who knows but thanks to developers updating all their games for current systems I can say I made the right choice. Ratchet and Clank has all the other two have and more, of course the first game was clunky but it did get progressively better. The series has stalled and gone up and down a few times, the last installment having about as much play time as The Order: 1886 but I feet this remake could be what it needs. Completely redoing the first game? It’s like getting a free shot at fixing every issue it had, like the slow money making and other weapon upgrades. Of course this can open up another world of mistakes but we’ll cross that bridge later. I know it would be out of order but I really hope they bring back Skrunch the monkey, best monkey since Donkey Kong.

The game and the movie have been pushed back a year. Christ, first Elder Scrolls, then Batman and now this? Why say anything when it will take so much longer? There is no way anyone could mis-judge the time it will take to finish by over a year. Since the movie is supposed to be shown in the approaching Cannes film festival why the year wait? It seems at least the movie would be done already then and it seems like poor business to wait on the game… What do I know though. The movie has a lot of hype due to its cast of well known actors besides the main character voice actors from the game. To name a few we have Paul Giamatti, Rosario Dawson, John Goodman and Sylvester Stallone. Holy hell, for a redo of a near decade old game they certainly are going all out. The real question is if any of these voice actors will make it to the game or not? You would think the voice acting for one would generally work for the other but again I guess we’ll just have to wait. I’m fairly confident the movie and game will probably be near identical so I offer the movie trailer below. I would like to think that if the actual game looks half as good as this and plays like Going Commando we are in for a hell of a good time.