I demand a recount! I want to see a birth certificate! That election was rigged! This must be what the Republicans felt like after Obama won… both times. Grow Home won the top spot for the ps4 game of the month, I’m not thrilled but that’s democracy. It won by 44% so maybe everyone who chose it knows something I don’t… Like all elections though I just don’t care either way and hope for an easy platinum out of the entire thing. As stated the other two games will be 30% off so that is something for the losers… still don’t care.

The other games have been announced and we seem to have a very retro heavy month with a lot of 2d side scrolling shooters. First off is Super Time Force Ultra on PS4 and PS Vita. It looks like a 8 bit game version of Kung Fury, if you don’t know what that is go look it up. There are some very interesting characters in it as well on the PS4 version, including someone from The Order 1886 (there is a good chance this game will be longer as well) and the president of Sony… who travels through time killing dinosaurs… with his twitter feed… What the shit Sony?

Next up also on the PS4 and PS Vita is Xeodrifter Launches, it kind of looks like an old school mega man and Metroid mash up and I think I love it. It speaks to the younger gamer in me, the gamer who got his ass kicked by long insanely hard games with no F-ING SAVE FEATURES! The pent up rage in me may come spilling out as I yell at this game if it is what it looks like. It looks colorful and fast and may draw the younger crowd to the retro games us old folks remember AND TEACH THEM THE TRUE MEANING OF SUFFERING!

Next on the PS3 we have the only game that isn’t some type of side scrolling shooter and comes from a long line of dark games, Twisted Metal. MR. GRIMM RIDES AGAIN! Twisted Metal Black will always be my favorite game… the time spent with friends unlocking all the endings and scaring my brothers by showing the No Face clips. I heard this version wasn’t as good though, it has an odd multiplayer battle mode and I’m not crazy about the live actor scenes… I didn’t like it in the older Twisted Metal and I don’t much care for it now. If you don’t know what Twisted Metal is think of it this way, you play as a psycho with a modified car that would make the US army proud and destroy and kill anything else. It may not be the greatest but it should still be fun, time to hit the road and cause some carnage.

On PS4 and PS3 we have Teslagard, some type of Russian looking steam punk 2d side scrolling puzzle game. If the old Zelda games looked more Russian they could easily be the same thing. There is not really much more to say about it but I’m kind of excited, I love old school Zelda and have high hopes for this.

Lastly on PS Vita we have La-Mulana EX aka 8 bit 2d Indiana Jones. If my Vita didn’t need something to do I would probably skip this one, I can only take so many 2d games at a time and my September is already rather full (Mad Max September 1st people). If I didn’t know better I would say this was just updated from the NES or something because it definitely looks that way. It could be interesting but I’m not in a rush to test it out.