Bad news folks, the new Silent Hills game has been canceled. Remember last summer when that playable teaser called P.T. was released? The teaser that had a nearly impossible final puzzle? The one with the mind blowing trailer for a game collaboration between the maker of Metal Gear Solid, Guillerno del Toro and Norman Reedus the actor for The Walking Dead. Reedus has already made one game, The AMC’s Walking Dead, which was a sort of prequel that turned out alright. The cancellation was confirmed on twitter by Reedus and later confirmed by Konami. A real blow to the gaming community, this game created a lot of buzz and I personally looked forward to it as much as news on a new Fallout. It also seems that the teaser P.T. will be removed from the PSN as well this week, so go see what could have been before it is to late. There may be talks of a new Silent Hill already but it doesn’t sound like Norman Reedus will be involved and at this point who knows if the other two will even be involved either.