I remember Parker and Stone saying they would never make another game and that bummed me out. However we are now moving away from magic and upgrading to super heroes where the Coon and friends take on Butters/Professor Chaos. With a title that really makes you think I’m excited for this game and with Parker and Stone on the case we don’t have to worry about it beingĀ a crap remake. Now they just need to make another movie like they said they would never do again. I AM SUPER CEREAL!

It sounds like they have heard the fan cry of poor combat and plan to fix that which is good to know. There is no release date as of yet so I’m guessing late next year but I think I will hold off on pre-ordering this time, thanks for nothing Butters. Hopefully we will see some gameplay in the near future though but there is already a lot of good stuff this year.

Will there be a magical Totoro/Cthulhu moment? Will Cartman turn evil? I know he will but I mean earlier in the game. Will Towely ever figure out what is happening? Will they be able to reach a 9.5 rating?! I sure as hell hope so!