It’s a pretty well known occurrence that when it comes to RPG’, they generally release in Japan before the West within a decently long time-frame. ┬áIt’s something that has plagued us Western RPG lovers since the dawn of time. Luckily for us, Square Enix is planning, for one of it’s most anticipated titles yet, Final Fantasy XV, to release the game simultaneously worldwide.

Seeing that we’ve all been waiting for Final Fantasy XV for close to a decade, this alone seems like the best choice they could ever make aside from finally finishing the game and releasing it in general as soon as possible. During an interview with Level Up, the Final Fantasy XV director, Hajime Tabata explained that he is hoping that the game will have a simultaneous worldwide release date.

Final Fantasy XV without a doubt is one of the most intriguing and best looking Final Fantasy game since VII. It would be a shame for Japan to get the game for and have spoilers leak out on the web from what seems to be a game with an amazing story at hand.

Hajime Tabata stated that he does not know the exact release date for the game. All we can do now is just hope we’ll get one at least by E3 this year.