I reached out to the devs of the whimsical piece of indie video game action to see if they could share a little about their design process and was lucky enough to get answers to my questions. Below is the bulk of the interview which was answered by both devs. Personally some things kind of clicked that I didn’t even think of before, wolf-spider I found particularly funny after thinking about it.  Interesting look into the process of an indie and I hope to see good things in the future.


-What was the inspiration for this game? You name multiple sources of interest in the games bio but what specifically brought this game to life?


JPG: Like many RPGMaker horror games, we were first inspired after playing Witch’s House and Ib. After discovering the larger community of RPGMaker horror games, we became interested in the genre and wanted to try developing our own game. However, we wanted to distinguish our game in the genre, so we looked to other sources for inspiration as well to stay unique.


-Where did the idea for this story come from?


Jurlo: We don’t really remember when everything started, because we wrote the story as we were making the game so we had a bunch of different inspirations at different times.


JPG: The game started off as bits and pieces of different ideas. We eventually needed to figure out how to fit them all together, but it took a while to do so. While riding the train, I suddenly got the idea of the protagonist coming across a little girl lost on the street. A lot of our ideas came to us out of the blue like that.


-Where did the name for the game come from?


Jurlo: One night we spent like 6 hours brainstorming a name that we liked, but that wasn’t already taken. I really wanted to call it “Cat’s Cradle” but stupid Kurt Vonnegut took it. And then JPG came up with “Stray Cat Crossing,” which we thought was perfect!


JPG: The title was a joint effort. I refuse to take all the credit.


-There is some criticism with the chase scene in the early part of the game and the password in the hedge maze, is there anything the players are missing?


JPG: We seem to have misgauged the difficulty of the chase scene, which is our fault. We have updated the game to address this. As for the password in the hedge maze, there are hints throughout the maze. One of them is actually an anagram, which I’m not sure anyone has noticed yet!


-Did your team create all the music yourselves or is some of it borrowed? Also, when will the OST be available?


JPG: All music is created by the amazing Jurlo! The OST is actually included with the full game on Steam!

Jurlo: Shoutouts to Sara for the vocals in the trailer song!


-How did you choose the character designs and settings like the Japanese style house?


Jurlo: The character designs were based on juxtaposing things that clash, like a ram head (which is more prevalent in Western folklore) and a kimono, or puns like wolf-spider and door-mouse. The Japanese shrine/influences came from a play called M. Butterfly, which explores the role of femininity in traditional Eastern cultures, which is why the garden section is so Japanese.


-There is some debate on the ending of the game, what would you say the ending is supposed to mean/be?


JPG: The ending is open to the player’s interpretation, but let’s say it’s about facing one’s past and inner demons.


-Are there any future plans for Stray Cat Crossing?


Jurlo: We’re taking a break from game dev for a bit, but since people seem to like Saveboy, if we do anything else with SCC, it might be a DLC featuring him.


-Any plans for future games?


JPG: Imagine a boy with a pet robot in a post-apocalyptic setting.