A lot of major games now and days lack charm, some more than others but it is a problem. Big companies try to appease the masses and come out with the same bland slop time after time, so what is the cure? Well I find indie games can solve the problem when people who still have actual vision make something great. Stray Cat crossing is probably one of the curious and interesting games I have seen in forever and I suggest everyone at least try the demo (link below). Playing the demo I did have some issues, mainly the length. The demo only took like 20 minutes because I completely blew past the puzzles except a little trouble at the end and my typing speed. I can only hope that the rest of the game is longer and more difficult. It isn’t exactly what I would call scary either, it had some of the same qualities as PT and it did start to become tense by the end of the demo. So a slow start but it actually works in its favor and the game becomes a lot more unexpected. These are minor things though in the grand scheme though. The 8 bit look and music are great and really bring the game into its own. The characters and story haven’t been fleshed out much yet but they look interesting, as long as the ram doesn’t eat my heart… I am really intrigued by this game and expecting great things from the creators. It should be released 8/28/15, no word on a price yet but it should be worth it.