After almost a decade of waiting and listening to how the game is still not canceled it has finally happened. The Last Guardian has finally been announced official and it isn’t even on the PS3 anymore. No, now it finds itself on the PS4 playing with the big boys. It is not slotted to release until spring 2016 so by the time it comes out it will be a decade give or take. Yet the hype train just keeps going strong.

I have a strong interest in this game because it reminds me so much of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Games I really enjoyed for their depth and creativity. Even if I don’t know what the giant chicken hawk Trico is supposed to be I’m sure I’ll have fun finding out. In what is sure to be a mostly adventure and puzzle game it will be interesting to see how the wild beast can be coerced into helping.

The trailer itself gives an interesting example where Tico saves the young boy. Then only seconds later the boy must help Trico by destroying the totem he is afraid of. Then they help each other escape, in biology we call this mutualism. What the end game will be is still a mystery but it looks like it will be a great journey. The other part was how for all the times the boy called out to Trico he did not respond in a set way. This really brings up the question of how much freedom Trico has in the game which could be extremely entertaining and add a level of depth to the game I’ve rarely seen. It would be more like having an actual pet than a robotic sidekick.