So that crap ton of DLC we were promised after Batman Arkham Knight came out is coming already and well… Batgirl is a badass. So we are rebooting the universe where Batgirl was never crippled and continued to be Batgirl and the Joker never died. This DLC called The Matter of Family will feature Batgirl and Robin facing off against the Joker and old school Harley Quinn who still freaks me out. I wondered where this game would go and a reboot with a badass Batgirl is certainly interesting. It seems to be a throwback to the original cartoon back when I was a kid and could wake up early enough to watch it. It comes out July 21st for only 7.00 dollars or on July 14 for anyone who has the season pass which is kind of pricy at 40 dollars for season pass but that is considerably sooner. To be fair though and what excites me the most is that this is the prequel DLC to what could be a much larger story. If the first DLC take me more than a couple of hours the season pass would probably be well worth it, I’m personally hoping for another game inside the game.