New footage for The Walking Dead Season 3 was released and it looks like things have changed a lot. Everyone’s favorite little heroine Clementine is back but she isn’t so little anymore. It seems Telltale has pulled the time jump card and has sped Clementine all the way from being a child to her upper teens. While a great deal of time has clearly passed it doesn’t look like things have gotten any better in the world. Even the zombies have seen better days as Clementine kills an old and rotting walker. While exciting the trailer reveals very little and only forces the question of which path is this game starting from in Season 2?


Almost as if anticipating it Telltale stated that while Season 3 will continue from the previous games it will be its own story. It doesn’t answer where the baby is or what happened to the chosen companion but it does seem Telltale is trying to start something new. This is in an attempt to bring back old fans while drawing in a new crowd without ostracizing them with too much information from the first two seasons. To be fair, it seems that anyone who is playing The Walking Dead already has a good idea of the story but maybe not. Supposedly those with save files from previous games will be able to carry them over still to effect the start of Season 3, just like Season 2 did.

The big and only reveal from the trailer seems to be the introduction of a new playable character Javier. Much larger and possibly slightly older, Javier has been confirmed as central to the story this time around. What his role is isn’t clear but it seems Javier has had a rough ride just like Clementine growing up in the apocalypse. So not only are there no answers but a lot more questions. My guess is that the game will revolve around the question of will the world ever get back to normal. Unfortunately it seems fans will have to wait until the fall to find out. In the meantime Telltale also has its new Batman game to look forward to.