While I have not played The Witcher 3 yet, I am currently playing through the Witcher 2 and am super pumped to move on to the next installment.  The Witcher 3, subtitled Wild Hunt, was released last week and though it has been met with great success, there have been a number of complaints about graphical and performance issues.  While the PS4 version already has its framerate locked, the Xbox One version is currently unlocked which results in uneven playback and stuttering.  According to Marcin Momot at CD Projekt Red, the next Xbox One patch [1.03] for The Witcher 3 will address this issue by including setting a 30 fps cap lock, which will hopefully improve and stabilize the performance of the game.


Patch 1.03 will also include an option to enlarge the on-screen font as there were several complaints about the small size of the HUD font, as well as numerous other bug and performance fixes.

To name a few:

  •  Fixing looping dialogue for specific conversations
  • A bug where gas clouds spontaneously combust
  • Correcting an issue with stamina regeneration

While no formal release date for patch 1.03 has been given, Marcin Momot stated that the patches for both PS4 and Xbox One are in the process of being certified.  Hopefully the patch will be ready before I’ve finished the Witcher 2 so I can fully experience those … G-rated cutscenes.