So it is a big year or so for Nintendo, 30 year anniversary and their major cash cow Pokémon is going on 20 years… excuse me one moment while I go cry in a corner about how old I’ve gotten and wonder about the implications of still playing Pokémon. It is a big year for Pokémon as well with the release of the smart phone game Pokémon GO, the fighting game Pokémon Tournament and the possible, or eventual, rerelease of Pokémon Red and Blue (Go Bulbasaur!) To celebrate those who have the latest Pokémon games Omega, Alpha, X and Y will be able to go to most Gamestop stores and download one different mythic Pokémon a month all year. Most of these Pokémon are impossible to get except through special events like this so if your a fan or just mildly interested here is your chance to show off a series of level 100 mythic types. So go get a couple of each.

In February we have MEW, the Pokémon I only ever caught in the Blue version through glitches.


In March we have Celebi


In April we have Jirachi the wish maker


In May we have Darkrai


In June we have Manaphy… and if you know how to say that right away you may have played enough


In July we have Shaymin too bad I have no idea how to evolve it…


In August we have the god Pokémon Arceus… all hail Arceus?


In September we have Victini… what makes it mythic is beyond me


October we have Keldeo


In November we have Genesect


And lastly in December is another multi-type non-evolving Meloetta