So it is almost the end of the year and like many people I am busy as shit with little time for gaming. So while I try and remember what I actually played this year I came up with my top 10 ‘Got to Play’ list for 2016. All the games in this list will supposedly be released in the US at some point during 2016; unlike Yakuza Kiwami which will be released in January… in Japan… probably not until 2018 anywhere else. Of course I may have missed a couple or with my luck half of the ones on my list will get pushed to 2017. Of course I have my eye on any number of other games as well, like what should be the final Naruto game.

Bottom of the Barrel. At 10- Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam

To be fair I struggled a bit with this one because I also really wanted to choose Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 (I AM A SINGLE MALE WITH NEEDS DON’T JUDGE ME!) but I decided to be realistic. I don’t care for the Mario and Luigi part at all since I grew out of most Nintendo franchises at the same time I grew 6 plus feet tall… in the 5th grade. However, like a mystic Siren I can’t resist the call of Paper Mario. Sticker Star and whatever the hell Paper Mario on the Wii was fell flat but little to nothing has ever come close to matching Paper Mario 1 or Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door. So the question at this point is will the cruel Siren lead me to eternal bliss (also a lot like Dead or Alive Xtreme) or shatter me upon the jagged rocks of the shore and devour my scrotum.

Has it squealed its ass off yet? At 9- Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

No, I would have to say Uncharted has some of its ass left intact but it has seen better days for sure. The real question that has been teased to no end and even to the point where it is in the title is ‘will this be the final Uncharted game?’ How often does a franchise pull a Batman and bow out gracefully while it is still great? Not very often as we see more Assassin’s Creed, Black Ops and Halos being made than should have ever been. I have no doubt this Uncharted will be identical to the last and the story will be nearly cut and paste from the every other Uncharted game but I can hope it finally raps up with just a little dignity still intact.

Relive or ruin my childhood? At 8- Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

So back in my day when Pokémon and Digimon were a big thing I enjoyed both but always enjoyed Digimon more because it seemed to patronize me less; until of course the both of them hit multiple seasons and destroyed themselves with reboots. I don’t know a ton about this game to be fair but I like how it looks and it gets back to basic Digimon; none of that Digi-armor bullshit and whatever else the later seasons did. Most likely not the greatest game of the year but for a nostalgia trip it may be worth it. The story looks interesting at least and the game has more than just terrible fighting mechanics so maybe it will surprise me.

An oldie but a goodie. At 7- Persona 5

Just like with Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth this is more getting back to my roots than what I think will be a great game. To be fair though Persona has always been a huge hit for RPG fans and the Persona games I have played are always great. Persona 4 Golden is a great game for any gamer’s collection… and dirt cheap now I assume. Hell, even Persona games outside of the RPG genre are good if a little odd (like the Persona 4 fighting game); I enjoyed Persona 4: Dancing All Night myself. I am a little disappointed they are using a new set of characters this time around but maybe it is for the best. I am sure the old guard will make an appearance eventually so it works out.

How the hell is that going to work? At 6- Far Cry Primal

As many people know I love sandbox games of almost any kind. Far Cry I enjoy because it has unique parts you rarely see in any other game, such as going on a murderous rampage on an elephant or tossing grenades while hovering well above the ground. Far Cry 3 especially is well known for its colorful characters which didn’t translate so much to Far Cry 4. My problem with this game though is how you can have a Far Cry game set in a prehistoric era? I admit you can’t do unique much better than cave men going ape shit (mammoth power away!) but how does the rest of Far Cry fit into this? Melee is simple but the only long range weapons would either be meaningless or completely unrealistic. That and the other great parts of Far Cry like flying will either be removed or unrealistic.  Not to mention that most Neanderthals had extremely short lifespans. Also, no dinosaurs which sucks ass.

Are you smarter than whoever made this shit? At 5- Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

So in 2014 I played a Sherlock Holmes game and enjoyed it because it challenged me intellectually, something I don’t get a lot of anymore, without slipping into drug induced puzzles designed by psychotics. Other parts of the game were alright; they could have used more work but they didn’t get labored down either I suppose. I’m not really sure if this game is done by the same people but it is worth checking out.

Stab your way out of this one. At 4- Dishonored 2

The first Dishonored was a great game that let me eliminate people how I wanted which became a challenge in itself fairly quickly. Sweating every detail and making sure all my bases are covered before I stabbed everything that so much as dared to move in my presence. Thief on the PS4 tried to copy this but between the bizarre story and sub-par mechanics it fell flat. Assassin’s Creed has also ironically lost its way and isn’t so much assassination as management. So now Dishonored has another chance to shine bright. I am also interested in the story because we now play as the little girl from the first game who apparently followed in her father’s footsteps of stabbing people. Technology has also jumped a few decades forward in the short period between games which should provide new ways to assassinate (hack to kill baby).

Vast new horizons or same old litter box? At 3- No Man’s Sky

There has been a lot of talk about this game and if even half of it is true it should blow anyone’s mind. A nearly infinite series of self-spawning maps with 100% and permanent destructible maps? That almost sounds too good to be true; like the ultimate sand box game. With the wide variety of possibilities and combinations you can run into there should be little to no end to this game. The real question is just how many possibilities is there? Yes the game can spawn an almost endless combination of worlds so no two are the same but how many differences can there really be?

Epic reboot or epic fail? At 2- Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet and Clank on the PS2 was a great series; then they started branching out and the entire thing kind of went to shit fairly quickly. I’m not sure they were even trying anymore on the PS3 parts of the series and I never did figure out at which point the story canon went straight out the window. This kind-of reboot based off a movie based off a game looks promising though. It looks like the old and great Ratchet and Clank again, except even better. It is not really fair to call it a reboot even since the previews so far make it look like an entirely new game from the ground up. New story, weapons, characters and so on. The only thing that could make it better is if the movie came with it; something that has been done for some time now but won’t be released until the spring.

The crown jewel in the holy trilogy? At 1- Zero Time Dilemma

I’m sure many of you are like ‘what the hell is that’? The final part of the Zero Escape series on the 3DS and PS Vita that many people thought would never be; well here it is and it is glorious. While relatively little is known about this game so far if you are a fan of the first two games you will most likely love this. A combination of quantum physics and Saw the movie you must survive a twisted game of puzzles with your life on the line while also solving a mystery so deep into quantum theory it could melt your brain. Since this is the final part of the story many fans, myself included, are really hoping to finally clear up some long standing questions and figure out if you can actually save the world. While probably not a top game choice most people would have the Zero Escape series has always been a shining beacon in a sea of identical games to me. That and I get a sweet watch with it as well… or I better Gamestop.