It was the feature I was most worried wouldn’t make in onto the new XMB cut, and that is Twitch.TV streaming via console on the PlayStation 4. After Xbox One was confirmed to have the feature when announced at E3 2013, and with the PlayStation 4 having announced USTREAM Streaming function at E3 2013, I thought all hope was lost right then and there, luckily, that wasn’t the case!

Recently at GamesCom Twitch announced the feature will be available on both PS4 & XboxOne, the service will be free to use on the PS4, however users will have to download the app, which will be also free, in order to both stream, and spectate. Streaming will be as easy as simply clicking on the “share” button which will be available on the system, and spectating will all be done by accessing the app, and browsing channels of your liking. It’s great to see this feature coming to the PS4 and now without a doubt, this really makes me pumped for the system!