They’re not giving themselves a lot of time to hype up the game before release are they? The release has been confirmed for 8/25/15 and it looks crazy in this new trailer at the bottom. It appears to be a sharper looking Heavy Rain and a far superior Beyond: Two Souls. You have to survive the night as eight different characters in which all or none of them can survive. To make it actually challenging the game saves constantly to keep you from testing out different paths. Kind of like the most brutal ‘choose your own path’ book ever. Like Mortal Kombat meets Scooby Doo, unmask the bad guy or get your face torn off. An interesting part this trailer reveals is that then entire thing is being monitored secretly from a remote location. Like Scary Movie 2 but with less clown rape… I hope.

I remember a lot of hype for a few games during the PS3 period that were called as good as going to the movies. If I had to choose a game that actually fit that concept it would be this one. I have heard some news on this San Andreas movie but it kind of looks like shit, it doesn’t look anything like the GTA game. While it might not be much for horror it looks like it will for sure be a great suspense. Like the good Walking Dead game, your actions have consequences and you won’t know what they are until someone is dead. I’m excited and will be really disappointed if Until Dawn lets me down any where near as much as Beyond: Two Souls did.

To be fair anything would get me excited right now, with June finally so close I can smell the Elder Scrolls and Batman, J-Stars and Onechanbara and E3 right around the corner. There should be a lot of big announcements this year. Fingers crossed for news on Zelda and Fallout 4 or I WILL LOSE MY FING MIND.