News has it that Yakuza 5 will finally get its world release date next month, which figures because I’m already crammed full with Fallout, Assassins Creed and Battlefront for the next month. In an information piece I did a while back on the remake of Yakuza 1 I mentioned that Yakuza 5 has already been out in Japan since 2012. Hell, Japan is about to get Yakuza 6 already, so by that logic everyone else will have to wait until nearly 2019 before we see it. The amount of time it takes them to subtitle everything takes as long as actually making the game but I suck at foreign languages so hush my mouth I guess. The point is that it has been a long time since Yakuza 4 and I don’t count Dead Souls since it wasn’t canon or a Yakuza game really and now Yakuza 5 is finally here. The question is where the hell is it? All signs point to the fact that it is still coming out this year and very soon for that matter but there is no sign of it. In an age where marketing teams can’t get off unless you pre order everything you can it seems odd there is no word of it whatsoever yet. I have been waiting a long time for this game and keeping tabs on anything new and while all the signs point that it will be released soon it mystifies me how everyone seems to be keeping so quite about it. Even Amazon still lacks any sort of listing… for the English version at least, the Japanese version is only like 20 something dollars which wouldn’t be so bad if I understood what in the hell was happening. So where in the world is Yakuza 5? Don’t know. Is it still slotted for 2015? I assume. Do I really care right now? Sorry what, I couldn’t hear you because I’M WAITING FOR FALLOUT 4 OVER HERE.