I don’t know what it is with arena style FPS games these days. It started with Battleborn, then Overwatch set the standard and now Bethesda is getting in on the action with Quake Champions. I especially loved when the speaker even said characters each had unique abilities because it’s basically a more gore filled version of Overwatch. As of now it sounds as if the game will only be on PC. It kind of makes sense though when you consider the ridiculously smooth graphics and unlocked framerate. It has been a long time since the original Quake and while the demo may not have featured any actual gameplay it had plenty of action. A game for people with insane PC power who find Overwatch just not violent enough yet. Or for those who really want to get into e-sports.


Prey is getting another chance in the limelight as well. No it isn’t Prey 2 which was and still is canceled, this will be a complete reboot of the series. There was a little gameplay which looked very Dead Space 2, except instead of alien zombies, alien shadows. The story trailer was beautifully designed and extremely trippy with the usual ‘going crazy/becoming my own enemy’ feel. Besides the change in character the basic concept still seems to follow the original. The usual weapons are back but the game will also feature mind powers as well, whatever that entails. Slated for a possible 2017 release date it looks like this reboot could be just the thing.


The recently released and highly acclaimed Doom will also be getting an update soon. This will include desperately needed new maps and multiplayer modes, like what was called ‘classic Deathmatch’. On top of that there will also be other multiplayer updates like a new alien called the harvester, which kind of looks and attacks like Emperor Palpatine. All of this will be free as well which is great. Speaking of free, in an attempt to draw in more players Bethesda announced the first part of Doom will be free to try the rest of the week across all systems. So if you’re on the fence give it a try for free while you still can.

Of course lastly and multiple times was Dishonored 2, a game which was already announced (comes November) and widely known long before E3. They did talk more about the story and the super technological forces taking over from out of nowhere along with some new locations. Mostly Bethesda shared a tightly scripted demo to demonstrate Emily, one of two possible characters. The gameplay did show off a couple of new moves unique to Emily. The domino effect where enemies can be anchored together opens up many possibilities (kill one, kill them all). There was also a type of shadow mode in which Emily went full predator and tore a guy apart. Not only will Emily and Corvo have different move sets but will follow the story from different ways. While Dishonored 2 still has that unique straight line jagged feel to it the graphics have been upgraded along with a higher emphasis on backstory. It is also possible to choose sides in the war… or kill everyone, do what feels right. Most intriguing was the announcement that anyone who pre-orders Dishonored 2 will get a copy of the Dishonored Definitive Edition for free. How we will is the real question and so far there isn’t an answer. Presumably it will come with Dishonored 2 as a downloadable code.’


Lastly and probably the most subtle teaser in all of E3 is for what may be the next Wolfenstein. Everyone may remember the DOC screen at the start with a bunch of games and release dates on it. What you may not have noticed was the game in the middle with no release date called Wolfenstein: New Colossus. More news is expected at Quakecon.