The Xbox 360 is officially no more. Microsoft recently announced they will no longer be making any more of the older system in favor of the latest, Xbox One. They will continue to sell the 360 as long as supplies last… which in all honesty could be some time. Supposedly they will also continue to make and sell games for the 360 as supplies last. Although, for many Xbox fans this news doesn’t come as a very big shock since new games have been released less and less on the 360 the last few months. Many may consider this to be a win for Sony, since Sony still has the PS3 and Vita (although it cut off the PS TV), but it may be a huge blow. Sony may have more going on but is that really a good thing? The loss of the PS TV, a still relatively new device, shows there may be some trouble at Sony already.


It seems odd that Microsoft would just cut off one of its systems without some sort of plan in mind. While they are basically making the hold outs upgrade with this move it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Something the PS4 desperately needs, the Xbox One has slowly been building up its backwards compatible library. While it only started a couple months ago it has already grown into the hundreds. Not only that but it is a free and simple process, no more buying classic games I already own just to play on systems I still have. This also provides Microsoft with the opportunity to focus on more specific things. Unlike Sony which may be struggling with so many different projects going on like the VR, the PS4.5 or just trying not to get completely kicked out of the handheld market.

E3 should be very interesting this year with so many different rumors and obvious plans unfolding. Frankly this bold move by Microsoft could hurt Sony sooner than later. PS4 and PS3 fans have been crying out for backwards compatibility since day one. Personally, I own a lot of PS2 games but since I haven’t had a working PS2 in the last decade it doesn’t mean much. Sony has a huge library stretching back years now but little way to play them anymore, not without hiring a time traveler anyways. I also have to wonder who is still buying 360s? The new Xbox One isn’t that much anymore and the 360 hardly gets games. All I know as a Sony guy is, I WILL SEE YOU IN HELL XBOX!