Holy jeepers batman! Big news for all you RPG fan out there, Nintendo direct will be sharing a big announcement for the long awaited Xenoblade Chronicles X tomorrow and I AM PSYCHED. I remember the old Xenoblade Chronicles being one of the last truly great RPG’s. With developers shunning anything without chest high walls or life like graphics like its the plague. Afterword’s there will be a presentation of the game but who wants to watch someone else play it, you f-ing want to play it. Make sure to watch tomorrow or Friday 24th April at 11am¬†specific time… or pacific, which ever you prefer.¬† You have to watch the trailer though if you are not pumped up yet. It sounds great and while it may look a little cartoony, if that’s a word, I will applaud anything with a deeper story than blind revenge. It has that old school RPG look with the WiiU twist and the WiiU being what it is I will accept that. While I may not understand a word they are saying I love the looks of it. If we even get to use battle bots half as much as the trailer shows I will applaud the game until my future children have masturbation guilt. Everyone has known for some time now that the game will be released next week in Japan but what about the rest of us? Well hopefully tomorrow will answer that and since it will be in English only that seems very likely. My guess is that it will be some months still but as they say ‘the darker the berry the sweeter the juice’… I might be using that wrong.