So even though it was released in Japan years ago and they already have the next part to boot we are finally getting Yakuza 5… on PS3…. as download only…. what the shit? Yakuza 4 is a massive game with a ton of content, even if my PS3 wasn’t full to the brim already an entire Yakuza game would be a bit much. It will finally come out on the PSN on the next update day, so December 8th. The message also mentioned talked about Yakuza 0, the prequel to the series but not much more than the fact that it will eventually get a PS4 release in the US. Yakuza Kiwami wasn’t mentioned much if at all which kind of makes me worry it won’t get a release state side. If you don’t remember my past article on it (I don’t) then it is a remake or update on the first Yakuza, which would be great. Many people should now my irrational hate of downloading things but I really do want to play Yakuza again. Go to the streets as my favorite thugs and smash some face because every punk in the nation needs a smack down apparently.