I know Yakuza Dead Souls was kind of a let down but hey! It wasn’t canon so that’s good. Yakuza 4 on the other hand was great if a little heavy on the dialogue. So now we in the US finally get a chance to play the first Yakuza, retitled Yakuza Kiwami, also a great game but rare if not impossible to get in the states. It seems to have been rebuilt from the grounds up from its PS2 version and many new features have also been shoved in… such as baseball and …. foxy boxing? I’m not very familiar with anything before Yakuza 3 but it promises to be something special. It will be available in January 2016… in Japan. what does that mean for us? Probably a really long wait. They also announced the coming Yakuza 6, which is funny because we still haven’t gotten Yakuza 5 which came out in Japan in 2012. I’m not gonna hold my breath because it is going to be a long wait for both but I’ll get excited later. I would also like to point out that the one eyed dude in the trailer is the best character ever.