Thought it was a trick didn’t you? Well its really happening… just keep looking down.

I know when to admit I’m wrong and I misread the signs this time, which is why I was in this case. Instead of E3 the announcement came at the Anime Expo. On the other hand, how great is it that the game is finally getting made? The final part of the Zero Escape trilogy that will finally wrap up the first two games… hopefully. I can’t even imagine what story can wrap up such a crazy mash up of quantum mechanics and science fiction. Right now it is slotted for the summer… of 2016… plenty of time to hype, forget and hype all over again. It will be released at the same time worldwide as of now though which is nice, no dodging spoilers for a year and a half again. It will come out on 3DS and PS Vita so Nintendo and Sony people rejoice! With what little information we have on the game so far it seems we will be seeing characters from both of the other games plus some new ones. Frankly this is the first 2016 game I am actually excited for because I’ve been waiting so long already. Hopefully more information in the days to come. Now if you’ll excuse me I must get back to my 4th of drinking cheap beer and watching goat song remixes.

Are you excited for Zero Escape 3 as well little goat? I thought you would be.