I was hoping to do my review on Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma, the final and brutal ending to a magnificent trilogy. More of a cult hit than commercial, Zero Time Dilemma has been highly anticipated by many fans. However it seems I won’t be able to for at least a few more days. Why you may wonder? The game wasn’t delayed as previously indicated, just the bonus watch … although with GameStop it’s about 50/50 if it will come at all. No, I already received my copy days ago and was so hyped to play I immediately dropped everything else and plugged it into my PS TV. The excitement was almost overwhelming as I selected the game… and received a message saying Zero Time Dilemma didn’t work on PS TV and/or needed to be updated. Like many other fans I’m sure, I felt many emotions in the next few minutes.


That’s right folks, if you want to play Zero Time Dilemma you better have a Vita because it doesn’t work on TV. Of course you can also play on 3DS with lower quality graphics or PC, which is probably the best option. This isn’t user error however since Zero Time Dilemma is listed as PS TV compatible and even says right on the front of the box that it works on PS TV. So what about the update? It doesn’t exist, or at least not yet anyway. Out of the pot and into the fire; it was bad when the game was delayed but now it just doesn’t work in general. Many fans have already run into the same issues but have found no solutions beyond waiting for a patch that may be coming.

I reached out to both Aksys and Sony for any information on the subject. Aksys didn’t reply but have made a number of tweets stating they are working with Sony to fix the issue, which could mean literally anything. Sony on the other hand seems to know little on the subject. Most likely it seems the issue stems from the fact that Zero Time Dilemma was just never enabled to work on the PS TV. Like many games that require features on the Vita that the TV can’t offer, it was black listed. If that is the case all that is required is a patch to fix the problem. The new problem is when will the patch come? Most major updates and new additions come on Tuesdays, an entire week later. Patches can come more frequently but it is troubling how long it is taking already. Can’t play it, can’t return it, many fans are stuck between a rock and a hard place.