Based out of Minnesota. EXP 4 ALL is a video game news network for gamer’s, by gamer’s. We seek to bring you and entertaining quality content featuring the most up to date news within the video game industry. Ranging from big announcements from big name companies like Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and more; all the way to featuring some of the most recent events within gaming communities around the world. We seek to provide more than just news however; we hope to provide our viewers with many other forms of digital entertainment ranging from┬ápodcasts, to personal┬ácommentaries.  
    About Micole Patterson (Glake-Micole Riuno)

    Micole Patterson is a 28 year old writer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Over the past decade, he has spent time covering and writing multiple news pieces as well as editorials surrounding everything video game related. He has both founded and helmed all developments regarding "EXP4ALL" since 2013, but nowadays continues it as a sort of passion-project. Outside of video game/tech journalism, he also enjoys general creative writing and divulging into his own fictional stories, as well as pieces based off of real life events.

    When not writing, he also enjoys video content creation, competing in a myriad of different video games such as Super Smash Bros, Street Fighter, HearthStone and more.