Last week SOE awe’ed us all with their “EverQuest Next” announcement. Amazing visuals, amazing gameplay, and amazing brand new worls to explore. Following the announcement of the MMO last week, five of the classes have been revealed, these classes are as follows: Warrior, Rouge, Wizard, Tempest, and Blademaster. The MMO will, right off the bat, feature eight starter classes, however it is unknown at this time if these classes will be featured as one of the eight. The races playable in the game will include Dwarfs, Humans, Orges, Dark Elfs, and Kerran.

It was announced earlier that over 40 distinct classes will be available at launch with eight available upfront, assuming the rest you must discover, or can unlock by reaching higher levels. EverQuest Next will feature a more unique class system where in which you are able to combine abilities from different classes together rather than just picking one, and sticking with that class only.