Well Elder Scrolls Online just got its system release and immediately fell on its face and broke its nose. Since it came out Monday night the game has been plagued with log in failures keeping many players from even getting on. I personally have not even been able to play yet because I keep getting nothing but log on failures and since it is a MMORPG you can’t play without the server connection. So basically many people paid money for a game they can’t play at all because Bethesda couldn’t tell how busy the server would be compared to the number of pre-orders. It could be worse, some players can’t even start because of the day one patch that is larger than the f-ing game. Even with my great connection that can burn through GB’s in a few minutes it took me almost two hours. Some people with worse connections are looking at multiple days just for one update. I admit that mass multiplayers aren’t my usual thing but this is absolute crap, there is no reason why any game should need this much work right after release and after being delayed for years. Bethesda is already aware of the network problems but how long will it take to fix? This seems like strong evidence to confirm what I always thought, MMORPG’s just don’t have any real place in the system game. Maybe I’ll have a slightly better opinion when I finally start but I’m still not looking forward to the long push for the Emperor trophy.