Holy hell this is a slow month for gamers! I just keep reminding myself that June will keep me busy between Elder Scrolls Online and Batman, not to mention a bunch of other mostly anime games. May 5th was the banner day of the month for all of us on PSN or for those of us who purchased the kombat pack for Mortal Combat X.

First off is Jason Voorhees, the latest fighter who fits in surprisingly well with the cast of brutal fighters. What strikes me right away is that he is freaking huge, even compared to Ferra/Torr Jason is bigger. Fighting much like Kotal Khan Jason slashes through the competition. My main problem is that if you use any variant besides slasher his range is so small it isn’t worth playing as him. Also, what is with the crap fatalities? When I play as Jason I want to bend someone in half the wrong way and really put all those movies to good use. But no, one fatality you just swing the enemy around till they fall apart and that’s it… bbbbbbbboooooooorrrrrriiiiinnnnnnngggggg.


What else happened yesterday? Well for anyone on the PSN with a gold account a new batch of free games rolled out. I tried the ones available on the PS4 and PS3 so far. While I may review them later when I’ve beaten them all I can say they are all enjoyable. Guacamelee and The Unfinished Swan everyone should try, from laying the hurt on some skeletons to painting a game to life, what’s not to love? While I’ve found Ether One slow and clunky so far it does have a fresh feel to it I have to admit I find refreshing. While the clunky feel can make puzzles annoying they at least make sense. Unlike say Monkey Island where only the most drug idled minds can find sense in the solutions. So while we wait for the coming storm that is the June release lineup why not play some free games? What if you don’t have a playstation? Well, sorry to my gaming brothers on the Xbox but I can only afford so many systems at once and better luck next time. Before I return to my new secret life as a Luchador I want to leave you with a little tip… DON’T F*** WITH JASON VOORHEES!